Find out how we localize:

By applying to Transnet in order to localize websites, softwarer or Apps into any foreign language you will find that Transnet will take care of all the linguistic related modules, UI and GUI.

Software localization (L10n) process comprises of several steps of which translation is only part of. Software localization require different stages, part of which are related to programming, other to graphic design, translation and QA.

For every Software Localization Project we, at Transnet, allocate a devoted Localization Team consisting of a Project Manager, a Localization Engineer, professional translators and editors - according to the target languages - and a QA specialist.

Transnet will provide you with all or just some of the stages, according to your requirements and needs. Our localization engineers are acquainted with the necessary platforms and technical tools involved int he software localization process. You can send us your language files and we will translate and localize them for you in no time.

Our localization platforms support:

  • Windows binaries
  • Windows RC files
  • Visual BASIC binary files
  • Visual BASIC 6 Files
  • Microsoft Installer Files
  • Microsoft® .NET 4.0
  • XML files
  • XLIFF files
  • HTML Files
  • Text files
  • Portable Object Files
  • Delphi® 2009

Our state-of-the-art localization platforms provide one visual environment for software localization, so that we can translate graphical user interfaces (GUI) within its context.

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